About Crown Senior Transition Services of Florida

How Crown Senior Transition Services Started

Having started in the relocation industry in 2002, Linda Garcia has moved hundreds of customers locally and across state lines. In the course of her career, she came across a number aging customers who did not have any friends or family close by to help with their relocation. Moved with concern, Linda thought the only thing to do was to jump in and be the help they needed. Going above and beyond her job description, Linda helped sort, pack and donate their personal items as well as making sure their move went smoothly. Realizing the need for this kind of service, she started Crown Senior Transition Services, LLC. Crown Senior Transition Services has expanded services to include sorting, organizing, downsizing, custom floor plans, and arranging for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, consignment or donation. Services also include arranging shipment and storage, professional packing, unpacking and resettling in the new home, cleaning, waste/junk removal, shopping for necessary items, and staging to help prepare the home to be sold.

Crown STS is fully licensed and insured and is a member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) whose managers have moved over 80,000 customers nationwide. NASMM is the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers.

Linda Garcia
Linda Garcia

What is a Senior Move Manager?

Senior move managers (SMMs) help seniors downsize and relocate during one of the most stressful periods of their lives: when they either decide to move or are forced to move because they need a safer living situation. It could be that the older person just needs a smaller, easier-to-manage home. Or they may have reached the stage where it's no longer safe to live alone or care for themselves without help. Part sympathetic ear, part pragmatic organizer, SMMs streamline the entire process from analyzing the floor plan of a new residence to unpacking boxes and setting the clock radio. - (Investopedia)

What specifically does Crown Senior Transition Services do?

  • Sorting – Our team at Crown Senior Transition Services helps the client with the tedious process of going through the minutia making decisions to keep, discard, donate, sell and ship their items. Often having an outsider help with this task makes the process go much faster than it would with a family member as the Senior Move Manager does not reminisce. But we are thoughtful and careful not to rush the client as to disregard this often times emotional process.
  • Donations – Crown Senior Transitions Services has many connections with charitable organizations. We will donate the clients’ unwanted items to the organization of their choice providing the client with a tax receipt.
  • Food Donations – Many times, there is unwanted food that is the client doesn’t need or want. Crown Senior Transition Services is associated with Food for Hunger. We have agreed to take these items on their behalf to a local food bank which will serve a needy family in our area!
  • Consignment – Depending on the value of unwanted furniture & items, Crown Senior Transition Services has the right connection for you to get the best monetary return for your items.
  • Estate Buyouts – Ideal for small amounts of collectibles because consigners typically don’t select everything our clients have, a ‘Buy Out’ may be the best solution. Estate buyouts provide immediate payment.
  • Estate Auctions – If you have valuable collectibles, estate auctions may be the best fit. Crown STS has strategic relationships with auction houses that will get the best results for the client.
  • Shipping – When gifting items, large or small, local or long distance, Crown Senior Transition Services can handle that!
  • Packing – Professional packing is vital for safe transport of items in route, Crown Senior Transition Services has the right supplies and know how to get the job done right!
  • Moving - Crown has an extensive knowledge of the moving industry and will coordinate the entire process so you don’t have to. From estimating to move completion, They are on site and have 100% oversight of the entire process!
  • Resettling – Crown Senior Transition Services provides ‘turn-key’ living! From unpacking, furniture placement, making beds, hanging drapes and pictures, decorating.... Just walk right in and start living!



Crown Senior Transition Services, LLC Florida and Crown Senior Transition Services, Inc. Tennessee are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and adheres to the NASMM Code of Ethics and are supported by the NASMM Ethics Compliance Commission.