Crown STS Services


The Crown Team understands all aspects of relocating people and their possessions. They will guide you through the stress of the moving process with ease. With 100% move oversight, the Crown team will supervise the entire moving process.  Crown STS has connections to ship items anywhere in the United States as well as overseas.


If you are moving into a smaller space you may be limited as to what you can take.  The Crown Team is experienced with floor planning and uses a scaled program to give you an idea of what your space will look like with the items you want to take.  This includes measuring your furniture for greater accuracy.


When it comes to stepping into your new space for the first time, you will feel instantly at home, The Crown Team will place furniture, hang curtains, and paintings, make the bed and decorate for you with your very own items.


Sorting through many years of accumulation may be emotional, draining, and overwhelming, to put it mildly.  Making decisions about what to keep, toss, sell, give to family members or donate to charity is a major task.  You don’t have to experience stress when the Crown team is assisting with that task. They can help you wade through the process in a comfortable and decisive manner with compassion and care.


Crown has connections with sources who will consign or buy out unwanted/unneeded items and put money back into your hands.  The total clear-out of items not appropriate to sell is a snap; we have a source for that as well.  Shipping out of state?  No problem, we can arrange that too!


Sometimes there may be a need to dispose of unwanted, unusable items and furniture.  Crown STS has connections so you don’t have to worry about anything!