Reviews of Crown STS

Linda is a true customer service professional and very knowledgeable about her business.  She is very personable, trustworthy, flexible, genuinely cares about others, possesses excellent communication skills, is very dependable and always willing to go the extra mile.  Linda’s demonstrated philosophy – there are no problems, only solutions – which we so appreciated.  Despite the challenges along the way Linda never wavered in her commitment to ensure a successful move.

Linda worked with us to tailor a solution that ft our budget.  Crown’s hourly rate is well within, if not below, industry levels.  Her assessment of the unit’s contents which ultimately determined the cost was very accurate.

We loved working with Linda.  We would highly recommend her and the range of services she provides.  I wish all customer service interactions could be as exceptional as our experience with Linda.  Thank you for everything!

Darlene October 2, 2023

There are no words to express how grateful we are for everything you have done for us during our transition. Your expertise got us through a very emotional time. Moving is never easy, but add the very vivid memories that are brought up along the way and you have the makings for meltdowns. Thanks for being such an understanding friend.

David & Mari H. July 6, 2018

Linda, all the services you offer are a blessing and are vital to the people who cannot do EVERYTHING by themselves. From small projects to large, you've got it all covered. Even for the strongest, most energetic individuals, it is incredibly draining on the mind and body to pack, move, and unpack, especially across state lines. One million thank yous wouldn't be enough for the help you provided on the destination end. Not to mention, the peace of mind we had at the origin state knowing you would be there to help at the destination home. With ALL my heart, my family and I THANK YOU and your team so much for being so meticulously organized, for reading my obsessive-compulsive mind, and for taking such excellent care and attention with all of Mom's belongings; sentimental, delicate, and otherwise.

You and your team are a bright light in this universe and were our beautiful angels during this intense move process!

Sonia S. July 6, 2018

Very professional. Linda is wonderful! She explains every step of the process so there are no surprises. The services surpassed my expectations. I've already recommended Crown to my colleagues.

J.S. Elder Affairs, Catholic Charities July 6, 2018

Crown was so kind and considerate. They were wonderful. Hard workers but a lot of fun. We couldn't have moved without Linda. She is excellent in her job. Linda is smart and very well organized. She works so hard.

Myrtie P July 6, 2018

Linda was thoughtful, organized, and had a plan in place immediately. Her team worked well together to set up my mother's apartment not once but twice. Crown did a superb job. They know the local area and business to help complete the job professionally. This was a difficult move that had to be timed perfectly and was done without a hitch.

Marcia G July 6, 2018

Linda was friendly, calm, and helpful at all times. She did everything she said she was going to do, called when she said she would call, came when she said she would. Linda did everything humanly possible to make moving day less stressful. I couldn't be happier about the service Linda provided. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others. Thank you!

Joanne R. July 6, 2018