Sonia S.

July 6, 2018

Linda, all the services you offer are a blessing and are vital to the people who cannot do EVERYTHING by themselves. From small projects to large, you’ve got it all covered. Even for the strongest, most energetic individuals, it is incredibly draining on the mind and body to pack, move, and unpack, especially across state lines. One million thank yous wouldn’t be enough for the help you provided on the destination end. Not to mention, the peace of mind we had at the origin state knowing you would be there to help at the destination home. With ALL my heart, my family and I THANK YOU and your team so much for being so meticulously organized, for reading my obsessive-compulsive mind, and for taking such excellent care and attention with all of Mom’s belongings; sentimental, delicate, and otherwise.

You and your team are a bright light in this universe and were our beautiful angels during this intense move process!